This logo seems surprising to you? A bit "counter-cultural" but here's the explanation :


"The company GUITARES LAHOUN did not survive its relocation to the countryside, but, at last, it has been reborn by renaming itself


H for Hervé, 440 for A440hz plus 1(one) making 441 (Lahoun). The little bird represents freedom.”

Hervé Lahoun

At 23, I decided to commit myself to instrument making. I was already in contact with the musical world, playing bass from the age of 16, in blues-rock and progressive rock styles. I used to tinker with guitars belonging to friends.


My interest in luthiery was awakened while I was engaged in model-making during my childhood, during a visit to a luthiery workshop in Bayonne, accompanying my father, a musician and music teacher, who was looking for a small violin to rent for my brother. This experience marked the beginning of an interest in creating full-scale instruments, immediately extinguishing my interest in model-making.

Too young and too intimidated by the subject, the years passed...


Admitted to ITEMM for training in 1995-1996, I learned the basics of the trade and met two luthiers in addition to the main trainer, Joël Laplane and Antoine Arroyo. Joël instilled in me a riddle that launched me on a "research program" starting in 1997, interrupted several times but finally leading to a significant solution in 2014, the ESTHAUG shape (explained on the website ;)). Antoine supported me for years, encouraging me to participate in the "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" competition, which I passed in 2004.


My specialization is exclusively on nylon-string guitars, with a particular focus on classical models, but also occasionally on flamencos, mainly under Guitares Lahoun in Toulouse.

In my entirely self-built workshop in Salles sur l’Hers, under strict temperature and humidity control, I undertook my projects. The models designed in my workshop, past and future, bear the "S" mark for "SILO". So far, they have all been prototypes that I have gradually evolved. These guitars have been identified under acronyms and metaphorical terms, a bit of fantasy doesn't hurt (visible and described in the guitar section).


The ESTHAUG, which stands for "Augmented Aesthetic", now embodies the quintessence of my work.

This approach, stemming from reflections started at the beginning of my career, is based on meticulous research of the profile and proportions of the guitar. Now and forever, my classical guitars will be designed based on this shape.


THE SILO is an old agricultural building that I occupy in the heart of the village of Salles sur l’Hers.

I would be happy to welcome you there and present my guitars, my project, and perspectives.


You can contact me via the contact section of my website for an appointment or any question, to which I will respond promptly.



Hervé Lahoun



ESTHAUG DIX par Hervé Lahoun M.O.F 2004
ESTHAUG DIX par Hervé Lahoun M.O.F 2004

Available for Sale !!        En vente !!


Two guitars are available for sale

               -  The very latest and final SÖBESTH ROMANTIC, stamped : S8 N°51


               -  The latest LENVERS, stamped: S15 N°58

(.) A dot in parentheses


Enter, mystical poetry,
Here is my theme,
Totally squared,
A perfect circle.


In a real set,
Of perspective lines
To subtract from the abyss
The infinite height.


From the base of roots,
A line towards the summit,
From the sky-tangent peak,
Re-dotted on the sphere.


Together, the whole relative
Adds to the sketch,
It's a matter of equations,
Multiple unknowns.


By Jove, epic music,
Golden torus,
Totally round
Perfect square



H 441  -  Hervé Lahoun

Le Silo
5 rue du Moulin

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