The guitars you will see in this section give you an idea of the general aesthetic on offer. They carry strange names which are acronyms revisited, described in the presentations of the displayed models.


Now and for a long time to come, my classical guitar model has shifted to the ESTHAUG form (Augmented Aesthetic), with a video link to be posted shortly. The SÖBESTH models presented are now a thing of the past, becoming a sort of "collector's item".

To help you understand my current and future concept, the very latest, the ESTHAUG DIX, is a good representation; especially for the rosette patterns which take on a bit of color, associated with alphanumeric motifs integrated to design the instrument, definitively abolishing any internal label (unique in the world). The red purfling, black neck, the head (my signature from the start), the top border purflings, and to a large extent, the organology of my instruments are, in my opinion, quite unprecedented at this time (see the technical sheet for the ESTHAUG DIX).


My guitars are powerful, projecting the sound very well, they offer exceptional playing comfort, an extraordinary capacity for timbre nuances (depending on the touch and string attack positions) allowing for limitless musical exploration... They are designed to last, built in a workshop with perfectly controlled climate, with long-stored woods.


They are tropicalized to move from one continent to another without fear of climate variations. My choice to varnish my models with a PU varnish (ultra-thin and direct on wood), and internally as well, allows me to assert this. Of course, like French polish, its extreme thinness does not protect against bumps and scratch marks. I can also affirm that it contributes to sound projection.


My approach to luthiery is not in quantity, but in quality and durability.


Do not hesitate to ask me for more details in the "contact" section.

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