classical Guitar SÖBESTH ROMANTIC REF: S8 N51

Scale length of 654mm. 20th fret.

It's a prototype, completed alongside its twin (S7 N50) at the end of June 2022.

For your information: SÖBESTH is a kind of acronym; 'Söb' for Sober, 'Esth' for aesthetic. ROMANTIC for the attempt to aesthetically parallel with 18th-century romantic guitars.

The deceptively simple appearance of this instrument hides a strong intention to achieve a very high-performance result. "It looks like soda but it's Champagne" 😊


*Top in Spruce from a 1998 batch.
*Body in solid rosewood (Dalbergia Latifelia, CITES OK) for the back and sides (Exterior), interior structured - wood composite -, Linden, balsa, red-stained maple, for a final thickness of 7MM.
*Neck in Honduras Cedar (Swietenia Macrophylla, CITES ok). Two integrated carbon rods.
*Fingerboard, bridge, headstock, bindings, rosette reinforcement in African ebony (Diospyros Crassiflora, CITES ok). *End block of sides at the bottom of the body (ebony/mahogany Bubinga composite – Guibourtia Demeusei, CITES ok).
*Top bracing concept in Lattice, 100% spruce made up of 117 laminated pieces (from a very old Pleyel piano top), plus 4 plates (under the bridge, at the ends of the "wings" and laterally to the soundhole). Braces, X3 in spruce.
*Back bars composites, spruce/maple stained in red.
*Back strip composite in three layers of maple, stained red and black.
*This guitar contains a rosette whose alphanumeric motifs (maple/linden stained black) sign (in the mass) the references of the instrument. No label appearing inside.
*The edge binding of the top, made of multiple layers of maple/linden stained black is built "molded" for a monoblock result without a joint at the bottom of the top (aesthetic and structural).
*Nut and saddle in bone.
*Tuning machines imitating pegs, Planetary Peg.
*The neck is lacquered black, dyed in the mass.
*Ultra-thin PU varnish, total weight, including neck, of about 30g.

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