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It’s a long story that goes back to the time when Gilbert, a retired aeronautical engineer who had worked on the Concorde and was passionate about guitars, frequented my workshop in Toulouse. Our lively exchanges, though always friendly, about the ideal design of a guitar often "reversed" according to him, always left me pensive, and I would smile to myself thinking, "altitude must certainly play a role"... a true genius!


At that time, I still had so much to learn about the technique, the necessary tools, and the subject itself, such as designing a "right-way-up" guitar. I also needed a catalyst to spark this idea, and that was François M., who at the time played one of my guitars and thus frequented my workshop where we sometimes talked about Gilbert and this peculiar idea. Ultimately, it was he, with his innovative spirit, who encouraged me to pursue this unconventional path.


We then created a prototype model, the Proto S5 No. 48, specifically for François, who today passionately discusses it through texts and videos. He has become the ambassador of this unique model. His LENVERS, with a 580mm scale length, is designed to offer maximum freedom on the neck with 24 frets and an ideally positioned bridge after being flipped 180°.

This model incorporates the concept of structural sides, originally designed for the Söbesth, but enhanced with an ultra-rigid internal diaphragm allowing this unprecedented inversion. An adapted, yet inspired by my lattice bracing system ensures the sound mechanics of the instrument.


A new version of this model, the S15 N58, features an extended scale length to 600mm for 25 frets. It is currently in the workshop and... For Sale.

I invite you to discover more about this model and its story through the visuals available on the site. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or to plan a visit to the workshop.


Hervé Lahoun

What Francois M says: "A guitar upside down. Not for the pleasure of singularizing.

The fruit of a long reflection on the ergonomics of the guitar, aiming above all to remove the footrest which generates an asymmetrical rocking of the pelvis ... and therefore a tension, often severe pain.  More...


Lenvers S15 N58    Available for sale  !!!!!!

The first prototype     -    proto S5 N48    (sold)

Lenvers: Lahoun's ergonomic guitar
Crédit photos: Jean-Michel Dehalle et Jacques Lavernhe

The sound hole: a massive ebony circle, freed from the strings and hands of the musician.

Ebony bridge, 24 frets

Tuning machines imitating pegs, Planetary Peg.

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