My Lenvers - by François M

Lenvers: Lahoun's ergonomic guitar
Lenvers: ergonomic guitar

Reversing the neck to allow playing on either the left or right thigh indifferently, without the need for a footrest or accessory... The idea was set in motion.


It quickly led to a shorter scale length, 600 mm, to enable a playing position without significant extension of the left arm. With minimal impact on the sound (to be convinced, try a standard guitar with a capo on the 2nd fret while keeping an A440 tuning with the capo in place), but greater ease of play due to the closer fret spacing.

With the right hand no longer in front of the sound hole, the instrument's projection is remarkable.


And of course, access to the upper frets is unparalleled: 24 frets off the body, it remains to write pieces that utilize this feature...

Firstly, playing without a footrest avoids the pelvic imbalance often a source of pain over time. It also allows the musician to alter their position (slightly moving their feet, for example) while playing, which avoids stiffness and tension and gives great freedom to the musician who can finally move with his instrument (using a guitar rest is limiting in this respect).

Placing the instrument on the left thigh (for a right-handed player) is possible to maintain a position close to the classical posture.

However, resting the guitar on the right thigh eliminates torso twist and keeps the shoulders in the plane of the pelvis, reducing tension and stiffness.

Then, the right arm resting on the smaller bout of the body rather than the larger, the right shoulder is no longer elevated as is usually the case when playing with the guitar on the right thigh.

Finally, adopting a shorter scale length results in closer fret spacing, which greatly facilitates wide stretches with the left hand on the fretboard.


An ergonomic guitar

Two videos to convince you of the relevance of the concept.

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